2020 Study in Taiwan Online Survey

2020 Study in Taiwan Online Survey

About the Event

The Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) wants to hear about your opinions and experiences of studying in Taiwan. If you are an international student currently studying in Taiwan, please help us improve the experience of future international students by participating in the survey.

Survey Time & Website

The survey is open now and ends April 15, 2020

Survey Website: https://reurl.cc/Naz3Xx

Survey Target

International students currently study in Taiwan, including degree and exchange foreign students, overseas Chinese (include Hong Kong and Macao) students, students from mainland China, Chinese Language Center, and Overseas Youth Vocational Training School students.

Lucky Draw & Prizes

All participants who submit complete, valid surveys will be entered in a lucky draw. Prizes will be announced at the end of April, 2020 and include:

Apple 10.5″ iPad Air Wi-Fi 64GB (1 winner)

AirPods plus charging case (2 winners)

NT$100 convenience store cash coupon (50 winners)

Important Notes

  1. Prize winners are responsible for any income tax incurred as a result of the monetary value of the prizes.
  2. Participants must provide accurate personal information. Prize winners must reply to FICHET within 7 days from the notification date, or the prize will be re-assigned to another participant.
  3. Prizes and awards are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other items and may be subject to availability. FICHET reserves the right to cancel or modify the activity, or to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.
  4. By participating in this online survey, you agree with all the policies of this event, including the privacy policy. All respondent personal information will be held confidential.
  5. FICHET has the right to publish analyses of the online survey and press material. More details about this event can be seen at our website: https://www.fichet.org.tw

 Perceptions of “Southbound” Students in Taiwan

Perceptions of “Southbound” Students in Taiwan

Google Form: 

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI ... nFYY8DkSXR7-rlzA/viewform

Instructions: Please upload the files include perceptions and photos. Also, reply fully to each question in English.

(Download the perceptions template: http://bit.ly/2vNfT77 )
Length: At least 100 words to each question.
Participant Eligibility: All undergraduate and graduate students from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand studying at institutions of higher education in Taiwan are invited to submit their written work. Eligible participants include degree students, language center students and exchange students.
Awards: FICHET will select 40 winners for NT$1,000 gift certificates (minus 20% VAT).

Extra award from GAO: For all student that joined the competition (must complete all required fields of the organizer), please come to GAO office (70207R) and show Ms Aegean Pua (#3283) the submission page of completed Google Form and get a surprise git from GAO 

 A letter from Chief Global Officer (CGO)

A letter from Chief Global Officer (CGO)

Dear students,

Greetings from Yuan Ze University.
This is Ching-Pu Chen, Chief Global Officer(CGO).

The WHO has declared the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-NCoV) as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” As a member of global village, Taiwan is caught in the turmoil. However, all confirmed cases in Taiwan are contained and are improving after attentive treatment by medical staffs. So far there has no community infection.

YZU President and the Global Affairs Office along with all other departments are deeply committed to the health and safety of students. We have taken proactive steps following all guidelines and recommendations from national public health experts to safeguard students.

In order to ensure a safer campus, YZU is delaying the start of the spring semester to March 2nd. Please see the revised schedule in the Table below. Further details on registration process will be sent by email shortly.

2020.02.24(MON)- 03.09(MON) Add/drop courses online (2020 Spring semester phase III)
2020.02.26(WED) Pick-up service for new students
Dorm move-in day for new students
2020.02.29(SAT)-03.01(SUN) Dorm move-in day
2020.03.02(MON) 2020 Spring semester begins
2020 Fall semester entrance examination for master's program (2nd)
2020.04.27(MON)-05.02(SAT) Midterm examination week
2020.05.28(THU) Online course selection (2020 Fall semester phase I)
2020.06.08(MON)-06.12(FRI) Final examination week for graduating classes
2020.06.13(SAT) Graduation ceremony
2020.06.22(MON)-07.03(FRI) Final examination weeks

Even Taiwan’s health care system is measured against the world’s best, and everyone is mobilized to prepare for control measures. However, if you still have concerns and want to suspend the 2020 Spring semester, we understand your concerns and will provide special arrangement for you. Further details on the arrangement issue will be announced shortly through the University website and FB, and send by email.
To contain the virus, there might be more restrictions and compliances, let’s win this fight together. Practicing good personal hygiene is the best defense against most viruses. It is utmost important for students to wash your hand with soap regularly. Students who are sick or not feeling well must also wear a face mask to prevent the spread of germ/virus to others. Protecting others is also protecting oneself. However, as demand for face masks is outstripping supply, it is highly suggested that you can bring sufficient number of face masks when you come to Taiwan.

Please join our FB Line groups and Instagram to get update information regarding this matter.

FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/YZUGAO/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yzugao/

Finally, empathy is one of the fundamental principles underpinning our educational philosophy. The 2019-NCoV is novel, but by working together, we can win the battle. We should all do our best to be cautious and take protective measures on personal hygiene, but as a decent human being, we shall be compassion to people with illness, and not discriminate people traveling from China, who don’t want to be afflicted by the coronavirus as we are. The more emergency arise, the more need for calm, humanity, and unity. Together, we not only will prevail, but make our world a better place to live.

The well-being of our students are always among our priority.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Ching-Pu Chen
CGO, Yuan Ze University
February 6, 2020

 Application Information for 2020 Fall Semester

Application Information for 2020 Fall Semester

 Apply Here →Online Application System←(Now Opened)

Application Period

(System Closed) Early Application for 2020 Fall Semester (September Entry): 2019.11.25 - 2019.12.15

(System Closed) 2020 Spring Semester (February Entry): 2019.09.01-2019.10.18

(System Closed) 2019 Fall Semester (September entry): 2019.03.15-2019.04.15

Now Opened

2020 Fall Semester (September Entry): 2020.03.01- 2020.04.15

 2019 YZU-GAO VIdeo Contest

2019 YZU-GAO VIdeo Contest

Yuan Ze University is our home away from home~

Remember the times that you take a stroll after class, lie down on the field and amazed by the starry sky up above~

Or the times that you had a tennis battle under the vibrant sky~

Or the times that you learn Mandarin in the magnificent building that looked like a paper airplane in the outside but harry potter moving stairs in the inside?

So what is YZU to you? 

Theme: No theme limitation, students are encouraged to be creative. 

Film specification reference:Regular Version: Video 1  Video 2  Video 3   Vlog Version:Video1   Video2   【Only for reference, plagiarism prohibited 】


  • All current student of YZU (including exchange student)
  • Personal entry or by a team (max. 5 people in each team)
  • Video-cast members must include YZU foreign student

Entry regulationsOne student ID is limited to submit one entry. Teams may submit more than one entry but each entry should be submitted using student ID of team members. I.E Student A, B, C is in Team Alpha. Their first entry shall be submitted using student ID of student A and student A as the team leader; second entry shall be submitted using student ID of student B and student B as the team leader. 

Video regulations:Filmed using Hand-phones or professional equipment with 1080P HD resolution, smooth script, basic special effects,  clean and clear conversation or dubbing in English, subtitle .srt file in English, royalty-free music, and the last frame picture must be "YZU-GAO Contest compulsory final frame picture".

Length:Regular version 90~180 sec、Vlog version 180~300sec


Regular version

Vlog version

1st Prize

NTD 10,000

NTD 6,000

2nd Prize

NTD 8,000

NTD 4,000

3rd Prize

NTD 6,000

NTD 2,000

Popularity Award

NTD 2,000

NTD 1,000

Filming subsidy

NTD 500


Popularity award and filming subsidy shall both be awarded if qualified. All prize above shall abide by the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Finance and Taxation. People who will reside less than 183 days within the year 2020 shall be taxed 18% of the total prize. International students shall provide ARC photocopy or Visitor Visa as proof of stay.


Important Dates

Application period:2019.10.16 ~ 2020.02.05

Finalist Announcement:2020.02.07

Popularity Award Voting Deadline:2020.02.14

Announcement of Winning Entries:2020.02.21

Filming subsidy is only provided to regular version entries and must upload a behind-the-scene photo to 2019 YZU-GAO Video Contest-behind the scenes photo before 2019.12.31

Application and Submission of Video Entries: 

Step 1: Shot a video (Regular version 90~180 sec; Vlog version 180~300 sec), must comply with the Regulations Governing the Classification of Motion Pictures and Trailers and the Use of advertisements and promotional materials for a motion picture and copyright and privacy provisions of this contest.

Step 2: Upload behind-the-scene photo to 2019 YZU-GAO Video Contest-behind the scenes photo before 2019.12.31. The photo should be named as "Student ID+Title of Video" (Max file size of 1MB). Upload video to your personal YouTube account. The video should be named as " Name of Team+ Title of Video+ 2019 YZU-GAO Video Contest"

Step 3: Submit online application form 2019 YZU-GAO Video Contest. Fill in Title of Video, Concept of Video, Video YouTube Link, and etc. 

Step 4: Wait 3-5 days for GAO qualification review. Video entries that passed qualification review will be shown at Google Vote -->here

  1. After you uploaded your video, click SHARE and Hashtag 「# 2019 YZU-GAO Video Contest」. Share your video to the public on FB or Instagram and tag your friends and family to vote for you.
  2. Go to Google Vote. Find your video entry by "Name of Team+ Title of Video"
  3. One Google account could only vote once.

Qualification Review:  

Scoring Standard:

  • Storyline 30%:Great storyline that will improve YZU's image and encourage foreign students to apply YZU
  • Creativity 30%:Comprehensive evaluation among other entries
  • Shooting technique 20%:Overall shooting and presentation of video
  • Video Editing 20%:Overall editing, special effects, and flow of video
 Homecoming Ambassador Program

Homecoming Ambassador Program

Yuan Ze University is seeking foreign student leaders who are engaged in the campus, who have developed a robust social network and are ready for an opportunity to step forward to reach out and broadcast our beloved university as the 2020 Homecoming Ambassador

All International Student, Overseas Chinese Student, and Mainland China Student are welcomed to join the program

The new ambassador program’s selection process will include the
Service Project and the Digital Service Project.

All student that joined the program will be honored as Homecoming Ambassador. The Ambassador of the Year will be selected based on the report of the Service Project and/or Digital Service Project.

Homecoming Ambassador Award
Benefits include:

  • The Ambassador of the Year will receive a sash at the Christmas Party held by GAO which they keep.
  • All ambassador receives a Certificate of Outstanding Service, priority registration of all activities held by GAO, and an exclusive Badge of Honor.

【Service Project】Student Recruitment Plan

  1. Promote YZU at your hometown when you’re back home for Spring/Summer Break and get a subsidy for the promotional event.
  2. Opened to all foreign student (International student, Oversea Chinese Student, Mainland China Student)
  3. A team may consist of only an individual or as a group with max. 5 people in each group.
  4. GAO can provide free publicity materials including Promotional PPT, A4 Brochure and Goodies.
  5. All applications will be reviewed and the successful application announcement date will be in 2019.12.02
  6. The subsidized amount is according to the region as follows for each team.
  • Regions in Asia: NTD 4,500
  • Non-Asia region: NTD 8,000
  • Bonus: The team will receive NTD 1,000 for each successful enrolled recruited student. Please see Rules for Bonus for each successfully enrolled recruited students at the end of this article

Application Date: 2019.11.11-11.25
Application System:
Selected Team Announcement Date: 2019.12.02

Prospective Student Name List: CLICK HERE

Deadline of Report and Prospective Student Name List:

  • Winter Session 2020.03.02
  • Summer Session 2020.10.01

【Digital Service Project】Student Recruitment Plan

  1. Promote YZU using digital media
  2. Opened to all foreign student (International Student, Oversea Chines Student, Mainland China Student)
  3. The name list of introduced person MUST be submitted before the deadline of each YZU admission application date
  4. A bonus of NTD 1,000 for each successful enrolled recruited student. Please see Rules for Bonus for each successfully enrolled recruited students at the end of this article
  5. Main rules of posts: 
  • Post interesting happenings of your study abroad life in YZU
  • Communicate with prospective students
  • Refer questions that you are not sure how to answer to GAO
  • Satire, exaggeration, defame, and insult is strictly prohibited.

Application Date: Anytime
Application System: CLICK HERE


Prospective Student Name List: CLICK HERE

Deadline of Report and Prospective Student Name List:

  • Fall Semester 2020.03.02
  • Spring Semester 2020.10.01

Rules for Bonus for each successfully enrolled recruited students 

  1. The names that were listed in YZU Online Application System→ *How do you know about YZU and our admission information → (Other) Ask the prospective student to write your name here
  2. If the enrolled and recruited student wrote two or more names, the bonus NTD 1,000 will be divided equally among them.
  3. If the enrolled and recruited student did not write your name in the application system but you did write their names in the excel form that you submitted in the report, you will not get the bonus.
  4. If the enrolled and recruited student writes a name that did not join this program, the student will not get the bonus.
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