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This is the most comprehensive site which allows prospective students to browse YZU classes, fast search for a course of your preference, find classes taught in English, sort pre-requisite courses, and many other useful search selection. YZU University Curriculum  Please log-in as Guest and Click English on the upper right corner for English Version. 

 YZU has a total of 47 academic programs. There are 5 colleges, 17 departments, and 25 graduate institutions. English medium International Program for Bachelor is available in every college.

E1:Above 90% Taught in English     E2:75-89% Taught in English     C:Taught in Chinese

Note: E1 and E2 are just an approximation. The actual percentage may vary each academic semester. Each department has its own policy to ensure that international students can graduate with sufficient credits.

YZU Academic Programs
College of EngineeringBachelorMasterPh.D.
Department of Mechanical EngineeringCE2E2
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science CE2E2
Department of Industrial Engineering and ManagementCE2E2
Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering E2
International Program in Engineering for Bachelor E1
College of Electrical & Communication EngineeringBachelorMasterPh.D.

Department of Electrical Engineering

(Program A: Electrical Program B: Communications Program C: Photonics)

International Program in Electrical & Communication Engineering for BachelorE1 
College of InformaticsBachelorMasterPh.D.
Department of Computer Science & EngineeringCE2E2
Department of Information ManagementCE2E2

Department of Information Communication


Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics


International Program in Informatics for Bachelor

College of ManagementBachelorMasterPh.D.
Bachelor of Business Administration ProgramC  
English Bachelor of Business Administration ProgramE1 
Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) C
Global Master of Business Administration Program (GMBA) E1
Master of Science in Finance & Accounting (MS)E2 
Doctor of Philosophy Program E1
College of Humanities and Social SciencesBachelorMasterPh.D.

Department of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics

Department of Chinese Linguistics & LiteratureCC
Department of Social & Policy SciencesCC
Department of Art & DesignCC
Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Industries & CulturalC
English Bachelors of Strategic CommunicationE1

YZU- Top Taiwan University with English Programs

Prospectus for International Students 2020-2021(Flipbook)

Prospectus for International Student 2020-2021 (Download PDF)

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