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Tuition Fees

YZU offers affordable tuition fees. The amount of tuition that students are required to pay depends on their college, level of degree, and the year of their study. All fees are based on NT$ (New Taiwanese Dollar). The Following fees are estimated for one semester. There are two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is 18 weeks (4.5 months).

CollegeYearTuition MiscellaneousGroup InsuranceTotal/Semester
Bachelor's DegreeCollege of Engineering, Informatics, Electrical and Communication EngineeringBachelor Year 140,81015,23019956,239
Bachelor Year 2-440,81014,72019955,729
College of ManagementBachelor Year 139,0009,91019949,109
Bachelor Year 2-439,0009,40019948,599
College of Humanities and Social SciencesBachelor Year 139,0009,19019948,389
Bachelor Year 2-439,0008,68019947,879
Master's and PhD Degrees College of Engineering, Informatics, Electrical and Communication EngineeringMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-344,93016,13019961,259
Ph.D. Year 4--199199
College of ManagementMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-342,95010,27019953,419
Ph.D. Year 4--199199
College of Humanities and Social SciencesMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-342,9509,47019952,619
Ph.D. Year 4--199199

Important note: For students who receive a waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fee  (such as YZU Scholarship), they still need to pay the full amount of Group Safety Insurance (NTD 199 *compulsory under law), National Health Insurance Fee (NTD 4,956 *compulsory under law), and Dormitory Fee (if applicable).

Students may be expelled from YZU if they have not paid their current university fees and any outstanding balance due under the Student Fee Payment Deadline.

The students in the third-year and above of a master's program and in the fifth-year and above of a doctoral program who have over nine credits are required to pay the full tuition. Students with less than nine credits must pay tuition by credits and the miscellaneous fee, which is $4500. The one-credit fee is $1610 for the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Electrical & Communication; $1510 for the College of Management; and $1500 for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Estimated Cost of Living/ Semester

Computer and InternetUsage Fee1,000Compulsory for Freshman and Sophomore
Sport FacilityUsage and Maintenance Fee600Compulsory for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior
AccommodationYZU Dormitory (4 students/room) Undergraduate  10,580Summer and Winter Term Breaks NOT Included
Graduate 13,800Summer and Winter Term Breaks Included
Off-campus Rental 3,000/month~6,500/monthElectricity and Water Fee NOT Included
InsuranceCommercial Insurance3,000 (500/month*6months)Degree Students: First 6 months of stay in Taiwan or until eligible to join National Health Insurance
Short-Term Students: Throughout stay in Taiwan for those who do not have an Insurance from home country
National Health Insurance4,956Only for degree students who are entitled to join
Living Expenses48,744

Meals: 250/day   FarEastTone Postpaid (Calls+ Unlimited 4G Internet): 499/month


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