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Glimpse of YZU


Study in Taiwan

Introduction Video

                                         Yuan Ze University Introduction Video                                                                Hong Kong Students in Yuan Ze University香港學生在元智   

YZU International Students' Say 

The Whole New World (Study in Taiwan) -by Catus FlowerHow is Life in Yuan Ze University (Study in Taiwan)- by LEO

YZU Introduction in Foreign Languages

Introduction in Bengali-by Nowsin Amin Introduction in Vietnamese -by Hồ Lưu Trúc Ly

YZU Highlight

YZU International Bachelor (Bilingual) ProgramYZU-Realization fo The Most Awesome Campus LifeYZU- Meet Your Better Self I
YZU- Meet Your Better Self III Am YZU - Wings to The WorldMy Change YZU
President Jyh-Yang Wu: Challenge Yourself! Do Not Ignore The Importance of Global CompetitivenessExperience Sharing】 YZU x Far Eastern Group Reserve Talent Program【Be The Change】 - YZU x Far Eastern Group Reserve Talent Program

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