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 ARC Extension for International Students

ARC Extension for International Students

▊  IntorductionForeign students who pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in Taiwan can apply for the ARC through the online application system with a certificate of enrollment provided by the university.▊  Validity of ARCFor Foreign students, the validity is 1 year; it is required to extend it every single year.▊  Document PreparationPersonal information in the passportFront and back side of the old ARCCertificate of student status (within 1 month)2-inch (3.5 cm X 4.5 cm) ID photo (jpg. file)Fee for extension: NTD 1,000 (only for Foreign students)Dormitory Hosing Certificate (you may get it from hosing office) . If you are living out the campus, please upload your Apartment LeasePlease apply for ARC extension within 30 days before your ARC expires if you will continue your study at YZU.If you plan to leave Taiwan during your studies, please make sure your ARC will still be valid at the time you return to Taiwan before your departure. Please apply for ARC extension online if necessary.▊  E-residence Permit and Receipt DownloadAfter the application is approved by National Immigration Agency and the ARC payment fee is completed, you will receive an e-mail from the system informing you that the e-residence permit and receipt are ready for download.Students can sign in to the system and download their e-residence permit and receipt from "download section" --> "e-residence permit download and "receipt download." Please bring the e-receipt to service center in order to pick up your ARC card.▊  How to get the cardIt would take around 7-10 workdays to get the card from the Immigration Office.After the card is made, please get the card from Immigration Office at Taoyuan City First Service Center in person.▊  Immigration Office InformationImmigration Office, Taoyuan City First Service Center:Add: 1F., No.106, Xianfu Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)Tel: 03-331-0409How to apply online for the ARC學生系統懶人包英文版
 Special Entry Procedure for Covid-19 (updated 2022.07.19)

Special Entry Procedure for Covid-19 (updated 2022.07.19)

Entry process to TaiwanOverall Guide for StudentsStep 1: Wait for the official announcement from MOE (updated on 8/24).↓Step 2: Wait for the official document from YZU.↓Step 3: Apply for a Taiwan visa after receiving the official document from YZU.↓Step 4: Receive Taiwan Visa →Contact YZU personnel in charge↓Step 5: Book a flight ticket and quarantine accommodation after reconfirming all dates with the YZU personnel in charge.↓Step 6: Receive the Entry Permit Certificate and School Consent Letter from YZU.↓Step 7: Receive negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within 2 days (working days) prior to the flight.↓Step 8: Entry into Taiwan.↓Step 9: Undergo quarantine for 3 days and self-health management for 4 days.↓Step 10: Register into YZU and apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC).What does YZU do when we receive the official document from MOE?YZU declares the official List of International Freshmen to MOE.YZU receives the official approval documents from MOE.YZU provides the official document (mentioned in Step 2-3 above) to students for the Taiwan Visa application. !!!Contact YZU when you received your Taiwan Visa !!! (mentioned in Step 4-5 above) YZU declares an entry list to the Taiwan government.YZU process the Entry Permit Certificate and School Consent Letter for students. (mentioned in Step 6 above)What you Should do.Before Entering TaiwanReceived Taiwan Visa→Contact YZU personnel in charge.Book a flight ticket and quarantine accommodation.Receive Entry Permit Certificate and School Consent Letter.Receive Proof of Negative Covid-19 Test no more than 2 days before your travel.Entry Permit Certificate and School Consent Letter
Upon Arrival in TaiwanReceived by the Representative of the MOE holding a school name signage at the gate. Present the "Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate" for verification.Follow the MOE Representative instructions closely.Escorted to the Telecom Booth for Mobile Phone Services.Complete the online "Quarantine System for Entry". Once finish the entire process, screenshot the "Health Declaration" page.Please present the following at the CDC Inspection Station: Passport, Health Declaration Screenshot, Information of Quarantine Accommodation and,  Proof of Negative Covid-19. Please present the following at the Immigration: Passport, Entry Disembarkation Card, Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate, and Information of Quarantine Accommodation.Claim your baggage.Arrival PCR Test & Transportation AarangementPick up PCR test kit (Test slip, saliva case, ziplock bag).Follow the direction to the Test Cube.Once complete, CDC personnel will give you a "Quarantine" sticker. DO NOT REMOVE the sticker until you get into the taxi.MOE Rep will direct you to the taxi queue. Start QuarantineAdd in 'Disease Containment Expert LINE BOT'.Fill in the health assessment every day.Make sure you keep your handphone turned on all the time.Do not mute notifications from the DCE LINE BOT.Disease Containment Expert User ManualDisease Containment Expert LINE BOTDuring Quarantine (3 Days)YZU personnel in charge will assist with your transportation from Group Quarantine Facility/ Quarantine Hotel to your self-health management accommodation.Do NOT leave the roomJoin the line group from Ministry of Health and Welfare (防疫神通 Disease Containment Expert) and reply the message before 11a.m. every single day; also, staff from Ministry of Health and Welfare will contact you occasionally for inquiring your condition.Self-health management (4 days)DO NOT enter YZU.May stay in a regular hotel or rented house. (Staying in YZU dormitory during these 4 days is NOT allowed even for dormitory residence)You may share a room with friends/relatives. Avoid going to crowded and uncirculated public areas.YZU personnel in charge will assist with your transportation to YZU after completing the 4 days of self-health management.Important Notice:All immigration-related procedures may be adjusted at any time due to the impact of the pandemic. Please pay attention to the announcement of the freshman group and YZU Email.Contact YZU personnel in charge first thing when you receive your Taiwan Visa. DO NOT book your flight ticket before contacting us.Contact YZU personnel in charge immediately when any unexpected things happened such as change/delay of the flight.Print out all required documents (listed below) before departure to Taiwan and keep an e-copy inside your handphone.Purchase a Taiwan SIM card either in your origin country (not recommended) or at Taoyuan International Airport (recommended). The active period of the Taiwan SIM card package must be at least 21 days with internet access and call-time. Please prepare the following: Passport & Boarding Pass and Cash/Credit Card NT$1,000(valid for 30 days). A parental consent letter is required for students under the age of 18. Please prepare cash of at least NT$ 5,000 and a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Taiwan prepaid SIM card ≈ NT$ 1,000 or abovePandemic prevention Taxi Fee ≈ NT$ 1,000~3,500Accommodation Fee ≈ NT$ 26,000~55,000Required DocumentsOriginal and authenticated copies of your highest degree diploma and transcript.Passport with at least six-month validation.Admission Notice from YZU.Health exam report (If you already did a health exam to specifically fulfill the requirement for getting a visa in Taiwan, please bring it with you.)Four copies of 2-inch photos.Cash of at least NT$5,000 and credit card.Financial statement of at least US$4,000Entry permissionThe negative test result of COVID-19 2 days prior to the flightFor students who choose to quarantine inside a centralized quarantine station and is under 20 years old→ Notice of Group Quarantine and Right to Petition for Habeas Corpus Relief that is signed by your legal representative (parents)For students who choose to quarantine inside a quarantine hotel → booking confirmation of quarantine hotel
 YZU will be adopting online teaching for two weeks (5/9-5/22) in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic

YZU will be adopting online teaching for two weeks (5/9-5/22) in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic

Explanation:1. In response to the pandemic situation, our university will practice pandemic prevention simulation from May 9 (Mon) to May 22 (Sun). All courses will be taught remotely for two weeks.2. During this period, each course offering unit and department is requested to supervise the course arrangement and assist in the implementation of online teaching.3.
(a) Period: May 9 (Monday) to May 22 (Sunday)
(b) Method: All instructors and students do not attend to university for classes and to adopt distance teaching and learning
(c) Courses: All courses in the university (including practical/physical education courses).• In the special case that required physical-taught courses, please fill in the application form to obtain approval before execution. [application form]
• If the experiment or practical course must be conducted in the university, the instructor has to control the number of students by using time slot arrangement. Please ensure students wear face mask and keep appropriate social distance during the study process. Instructors are also requested to use digital methods as much as possible.
• The implementation of physical examination courses (for example, cardiopulmonary fitness examination, swimming ability examination, etc.) will be announced by the Physical Education Office.4. Adjustment on teaching methods will be considered by the respective course instructor, with the following suggestions:
(a) Synchronous remote (for example, Microsoft Teams)
The instructor will conduct real-time remote lectures and students can ask questions or engage in interactive discussions by voice and text. The teaching process also can be recorded to become an asynchronous remote course.
(b) Synchronous and asynchronous mixed remote
Some hours will be taught in synchronously while other hours will be taught in asynchronously. Instructors shall record audio and video files on PPT, Words or other selected materials, then upload them for students learning purpose.5. Instructors are requested to communicate with students and announce the adjusted teaching method. Also, please record the attendance and participation of students in the virtual classroom.6. Instructors shall explain the customized performance evaluation methods to their students, clearly announced on relevant platforms, and keep relevant records for assessment basis.Depending on the future pandemic situation, instructors and students are requested to stay alert for any updated announcement on matters related to academic affairs. Thank you very much for your tolerance and cooperation.Sincerely,
Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs
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