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 Homecoming Ambassador Program

Homecoming Ambassador Program

Yuan Ze University is seeking foreign student leaders who are engaged in the campus, who have developed a robust social network and are ready for an opportunity to step forward to reach out and broadcast our beloved university as the 2020 Homecoming AmbassadorAll International Student, Overseas Chinese Student, and Mainland China Student are welcomed to join the programThe new ambassador program’s selection process will include the
Service Project and the Digital Service Project.All student that joined the program will be honored as Homecoming Ambassador. The Ambassador of the Year will be selected based on the report of the Service Project and/or Digital Service Project.Homecoming Ambassador Award
Benefits include:The Ambassador of the Year will receive a sash at the Christmas Party held by GAO which they keep.All ambassador receives a Certificate of Outstanding Service, priority registration of all activities held by GAO, and an exclusive Badge of Honor.
【Service Project】Student Recruitment PlanPromote YZU at your hometown when you’re back home for Spring/Summer Break and get a subsidy for the promotional event.Opened to all foreign student (International student, Oversea Chinese Student, Mainland China Student)A team may consist of only an individual or as a group with max. 5 people in each group.GAO can provide free publicity materials including Promotional PPT, A4 Brochure and Goodies.All applications will be reviewed and the successful application announcement date will be in 2019.12.02The subsidized amount is according to the region as follows for each team.Regions in Asia: NTD 4,500Non-Asia region: NTD 8,000Bonus: The team will receive NTD 1,000 for each successful enrolled recruited student. Please see Rules for Bonus for each successfully enrolled recruited students at the end of this article
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