Student Clubs-Roar!!!

One of the fastest ways to experience university life is by joining student clubs. The university organizes an annual event called the "World Expo" where up to 100 clubs display their talents. This allows students to freely choose and enrich their required credits with diverse club activities.

Aside from club activities, students can participate in numerous extracurricular events during their free time. There are many extracurricular activities available to students, from music-related activities to interdepartmental gatherings to community service initiatives. Moreover, the university regularly invites renowned speakers to campus to share their success stories and life experiences, making your university life vibrant and diverse.

Learning Resources-Eureka!!!

The university has designed learning environments based on the nature of the courses to enhance learning effectiveness, increase concentration, stimulate creative thinking, and foster group communication skills.

Library: The Yuan Ze Library is loved by students for its well-designed space and environment. With a collection of over 300,000 items and a multimedia area for digital learning, it offers abundant resources. Interlibrary loan services are also offered by the library, allowing students to borrow books from affiliated institutions.

Student Learning Center: Located near the dormitory area, the Student Learning Center combines self-study, group discussions, data inquiries, and online learning functions. One-on-one consultations with teaching assistants are available during free time, providing substantial academic assistance to students.


Its philosophy is "high quality at affordable prices", as the Taiwanese trendy language might say, "high CP value." Hygiene is also a high priority. They offer a variety of snacks and meals to cater to different preferences. There are buffet-style restaurants, diversified dining options, convenience stores, and a food street, providing a wide range of choices. The owners are pleasant and accommodating, and the dining areas are clean and tidy. The university conducts satisfaction surveys each semester to understand student and faculty opinions regarding restaurants. Try Yuan Ze's student restaurant for dinner if you're walking around campus.

Sports-Just Do It!!!

A vibrant campus would not be complete without enthusiastic cheers. Aside from athletic fields like running tracks, basketball courts, and tennis courts, the university also offers indoor pools, fitness centers, and gyms, allowing students to stay active while on campus.

Sports events are held regularly by various departments, offering a variety of activities for students to participate in. Sports can be an avenue for students to relieve the stress of their daily lives and study pressures, while also teaching teamwork and perseverance.


The dormitory area includes a Discovery Plaza, cafeterias, convenience stores, photocopying services, ATMs, and is located close to the leisure center, so resident students have a small and convenient living circle. For the purpose of enriching and enhancing the community living experience in the dormitories, a variety of activities are planned specifically for residents, including the "Bread Festival," outdoor art dances, a celebration of the Winter Solstice and Christmas wishes, and a cozy late-night feast during midterms, giving students a sense of camaraderie and warmth.

The dormitory buildings are equipped with shared lounges, bathrooms, drying balconies, coin-operated laundry machines, free dehydrators, refrigerators, and microwaves for the convenience of residents.