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Our university has three departments: the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Additionally, the Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering offers only a master's degree. The first three departments offer complete bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

In 2017, our university established an "International Program in Engineering for Bachelors," which integrates the resources of the College of Engineering, provides strong faculty, and coordinates curriculum planning. The program aims to cultivate students with international competitiveness and interdisciplinary professional engineering talents.

Dare to challenge yourself and cross over to the intelligent future generation.

With Industry 4.0, industries worldwide are facing digital transformation feasts. By combining creativity with automation control and emerging material equipment, we strive for enhanced efficiency, lower costs, environmental friendliness, and more flexible production lines. This unleashes previously impossible possibilities. Therefore, multidisciplinary talents are now one of the most sought-after human resources in today's business world. A new wave of job market challenges is on its way and Yuan Ze University is ready to help you conquer them with strength and confidence.

Did you know there's more to Mechanical Engineering than you originally thought?

Most people associate mechanical engineering with robotics, automated production equipment, drones, etc. However, with technological advancements and societal needs, green energy applications and gerontechnology have become increasingly critical. Researching and developing new types of energy applications to solve the current energy crisis, designing assistive devices that make life easier, safer, and more humane for the elderly (such as smart diapers, transfer machines, body index detectors, safety detection devices, etc.), and exploring more possibilities that have yet to be discovered are all within the realm of mechanical engineering.

Why should you choose the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yuan Ze University?

Renowned faculty:
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yuan Ze University boasts excellent faculty members, including many who have won prestigious domestic and international awards.

Rich resources:
With a long history and complete system, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yuan Ze University has abundant industry-academy resources. The department focuses on three major research areas: new energy, nanotechnology, and biomedical optometry. The department also established the Green Technology Research Center and the Gerontechnology Research Center. In addition, it established a CNC laboratory, an electronic assembly laboratory, a MEMS nanotechnology laboratory, and other research facilities. By adapting to modern technology trends, the department has been able to break away from traditional mechanical engineering and cultivate many mechanical engineers and R&D talents.

Strong research emphasis:
With a focus on three major research areas, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yuan Ze University is committed to conducting cutting-edge research and developing new technologies in these fields, which provides students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the latest research and development.


A modular and course-based curriculum for cultivating students' complete expertise and practical skills
The department collaborates with other departments in the College of Engineering to offer interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary programs. These programs cover fundamental courses, theoretical, and practical courses, and aim to provide students with a well-rounded education.

Additionally, the department offers diverse professional internships for junior and senior-year students. These internships are designed to strengthen their professional skills and provide practical experience. Industry professionals and a variety of internship programs are available to increase students' practical experience. This prepares them for employment upon graduation and becomes successful professionals in the industry.

The department is divided into three groups based on the faculty's expertise: Thermal Energy and Green Technology, Cutting-edge Materials & Applied Mechanics, and Precision Electro-mechanical and Biomedical. Each group has made significant contributions to research and development in their respective areas. Our achievements range from the first hydrogen-powered unmanned helicopter in Asia to food preservation systems, medical device sterilization, aquaculture systems, and irrigation systems. Looking forward, we aim to integrate modern technological trends and find creative directions and goals for innovation in mechanical engineering.

New Energy Development and Energy-saving Technology

1. Application development of fuel cell electric vehicles

2. Key technology and systems for fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicles

3. Aging mechanism and test analysis of proton exchange membrane fuel cells

4. High-temperature solid oxide electrolysis for hydrogen production and power generation technology

5. Hydrogen production, storage technology, and medical applications

Dynamics and reliability analysis of mechanical and electronic systems

1. Vibration measurement and fault diagnosis analysis of rotating machinery

2. Design of mufflers and noise prevention

3. Reliability testing and assembly mechanics analysis of electronic systems and components

4. Analysis of metal stamping forming and friction lubrication

5. Structural fatigue damage and destruction mechanism, ultrasonic testing technology

Nanomaterials and their Applications

1. Development of nanosensors

2. Analysis of the mechanical and thermal properties of nanocomposite materials

3. Fatigue and failure analysis of nanocomposite materials

4. Application research on nanocarbon tubes and graphene films

5. Research on the synthesis, modification, and hydrogen storage performance of nanocarbon tubes

Biomedical optometry mechatronics

1. Design and system development of various physiological signaling instruments

2. Development of a networked monitoring system for operating rooms and intensive care units

3. Research and development of vibration insoles to stimulate balance and help walking

4. Development of a medical practice simulation system for mannequins


1. Technologies aimed at improving the well-being of the elderly

2. Research and development of technology products suitable for the elderly

3. Research on smart IoT for daily life

4. Research on service robots and artificial intelligence

Automation Control and Industry 4.0

1. Intelligent automation and industrial robot control

2. Electronic control systems for cars

3. IoT smart sensor systems

4. Unmanned aerial vehicle control systems and their applications

Language of Instruction

The undergraduate degree program (Bachelor's) is taught in Chinese.
Please refer to the International Program in Engineering for Bachelor if you wish to study in English.

Graduate degree programs (Master's and Ph.D.) are taught in 75-89% English.
Courses taught in English are sufficient to meet graduation requirements.

Further Studies

The department offers undergraduate, master's, in-service master's, and doctoral programs. It is a comprehensive department that emphasizes theoretical research and practical development. We encourage students to continue their studies and obtain higher academic qualifications. Other options include studying abroad or applying to related institutes, such as the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science, Optoelectronics, and Biomedical Engineering.


Graduates from the department enjoy a high employment rate and are highly sought after and well-received in both the business and public sectors. The graduates of our program hold a variety of positions, including 3C product engineers, semiconductor and panel factory equipment engineers, biotech engineers, research and development engineers, process engineers, materials engineers, mechatronics engineers, design engineers, aerospace engineers, shipbuilding and maintenance engineers, aircraft maintenance technicians, and mechatronics engineers for high-speed rail and MRT.

Industry-academic partnership

Summer internships and six-month professional internships are offered every year by a number of companies, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of the industry. In addition, related companies such as Far Eastern New Century, Asia Cement, Far Eastern New Century Corporation Chemical Fiber, Asia Polymer Corp, Far Eastern Industries (Suzhou), Asia Cement (Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hubei), Far Eastern Tech Textiles (Shanghai, Suzhou), etc., all offer internships for students and potential employment opportunities in the future.

Department Website:

Department Office: Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 3203

Department Telephone:+886-3-4638800 #2451、2452