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Welcome to Yuan Ze University's Global Affairs Office (GAO). We are dedicated to fostering partnerships, promoting diversity, and facilitating academic exchange. Our mission is to cultivate global citizens with a deep understanding of international affairs, preparing them for success in an interconnected world.

At GAO, we strive to enhance internationalization through collaborations, mobility programs, and joint research initiatives. We provide comprehensive support to international and local students, ensuring a seamless transition and maximizing their global learning experience.

Explore the opportunities offered by GAO as we create a globally engaged campus community. Join us in embracing diversity, promoting understanding, and building a brighter future through global collaboration.


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Students from abroad studying in Taiwan

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  Team GAO

Prof. Yun-Chia Liang (Bryan)
Prof. Yun-Chia Liang (Bryan)Chief of GAO and Chair of
Organize and Supervise
All International Affairs
Special Projects
General Management for GAO Internal Affairs and Inter-Office Affairs
IR Plan Execution
Ms. Yen-Hua ChenExecutive
Budget Management
Unit Development Planning
Statistics of MOE Database
Website Maintenance
P.T. Student Management
Property Maintenance
YZU Scholarship (Current Student) 
MOE Education Sprout Project
Elite Scholarship Program
Study Abroad Scholarship
Ms. Clovia
Mandarin Chinese Language Learning and Activities
Ms. Chee Sin
International Foundation Program
Mainland China Related Issues
Prof. Miko Yu 
Prof. Miko Yu Vice Chief of GAO & Section Head of Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students
Intercultural exchanges, contract negotiation, and signing between mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao
Mainland China Related Issues
Section Budget Management
Ms. Dorrie
Oversea Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macau Related Issues
Marketing and Branding
Prof. Dien-Giau Bui (Richard)
Prof. Dien-Giau Bui (Richard)Director, International Cooperation
Academic and Culture Exchange
Partnership Negotiation
Supervise Global Student Association GSA
International Admission
MOE Scholarship
YZU Scholarship (New Student)
Cyber and Information Security
Emergency Contact Person (New Student)
Incoming Exchange Programs
Int'l Student Permits
Int'l Student NHI
Int'l Student Activities
Education Fair
Social Media Management
Emergency Contact Person (Current Student)
Int'l Contract (MoU & MoA)
Int'l Visiting Guest Reception
Incoming Internship Programs
Outgoing Exchange Programs
MOE Study Abroad Programs