Students Exchange Programs - What are they?

Through signed agreements, both institutions/universities provide short-term, non-degree study abroad opportunities as well as incoming exchange opportunities. The exchange student program is based on equal and reciprocal cooperation with partner institutions. It is necessary for students to undergo a selection process before participating in the university's global exchange program organized by Global Affairs Office. This is to obtain recommendations and nominations from the university. The partner institution will review the application materials submitted by the student. Colleges, departments, and institutes can also establish their own exchange programs through separate agreements. Colleges and departments are responsible for managing the selection process for each program separately. For more information, please contact the college or department.

Outgoing Exchange

Fall Semester

Spring Semester





Selection by YZU

During the application opening period, complete the online application and submit the selection materials posted on the Global Affairs Office's website.
(See "Selection of Exchange Students" for details)
Please note that the nomination deadline for specific schools is earlier, so please pay attention to the time for filling out the form.

Early March

Late September

Announce. of Selection
Nomination by YZU



Application to Host University

Submit all required documents for application to the host university.
Please refer to the application time notified by the YZU-GAO Coordinator for each specific host university.



Review by Host Univ.

1.  Acceptance letter sent out by the host university/ institution.
2. Exhange student applying for exchange visas, air tickets, insurance, dormitories, etc.



Review of Selection by YZU

Exchange students will be notified by the exchange coordinator to submit selection review documents to obtain approval from the department to go abroad.



Exchange Student Departure


  1. Please be aware that application deadlines and timelines may vary for each sister school. Some host universities in certain regions may have later application schedules, which means notification might also be delayed. Remain patient and wait until the notification comes in.
  2. To ensure your application rights, please submit all required application materials to the Global Affairs Office before the specified deadline.
  3. If you have not yet received a notification about your application, it is recommended to refer to the host university's website for information on the required application documents and prepare them in advance. However, it is advised not to purchase plane tickets before receiving an official acceptance letter from the host university.

Required Documents

▋Before Application 

  1. It is important to assess your personal needs, conduct research on the host university's/institution's website, and communicate with your parents/guardians. 
  2. You must also provide proof of English language proficiency (for Selection by YZU phase) along with an English autobiography, English resume, and letters of recommendation from professors (for Selection Review by YZU phase).
  3. Please remember that if you apply, you have a chance of being selected.

During Application

  1. Please note that the review process by the host university/institution may take some time, so it is advised not to send inquiries or correspondence to the host university/ institution regarding your application status.
  2. Documents such as financial proof, passports, health checks, and insurance can be submitted later if they aren't available at the time of application.

Global Affairs Office reserves the right to adjust the content of this announcement based on the actual situation.
Ensure that the written information is completed and sent to Global Affairs exchange coordinator Ms. Yoyo Hsiao(ext.:3286,R70208)


Outgoing Exchange Program Coordinator: Ms. Yoyo Hsiao

Contact Number:03-4638800 #3286

E-mail: yzuexchange@saturn.yzu.edu.tw