Your Gateway to Taiwan: Summer Program at Yuan Ze University

Join our exclusive Summer Program at Yuan Ze University, where you'll dive into Taiwanese culture, master a new language, and gain hands-on experience.


Program details:

Date: 28th July, 2024 to 10th August, 2024

Location: Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Tuition Fees: US$800/each (The tuition fees do NOT include Meals, Accommodation, Airfare)

Register Date: Starting from today until May 24th, 2024 (The time can be adjusted flexibly)

Sign-up link: Click HERE


From July 28th to August 10th, immerse yourself in:

  • Language Learning: Rapidly progress in Mandarin, one of the world's most influential languages.
  • Cultural Exploration: Discover Taiwan's beauty through immersive excursions and cultural activities.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Gain practical skills and insights through real-world projects.
  • Networking: Connect with peers and industry professionals from around the world.


Why Us?

  • Bilingual Excellence: We're Taiwan's first bilingual university, fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment.
  • Global Community: With approximately 10% international students and 8% international faculty, diversity is at our core.
  • Fun and Engaging: Enjoy entertaining activities and engaging courses taught by passionate faculty.


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Contact Information

Ms. Maureen Seo