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The College of Management was established in 1993, and in 2009, it actively transformed itself into a Professional Business School with student-centered learning at its core. It integrated resources from the entire college and replaced traditional "departments" with "majors", while comprehensively promoting professional and industry-oriented programs. The school offers undergraduate programs, including a Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA) and an English Bachelor of Business Administration Program (EBBA), as well as graduate programs, including a Master of Business Administration Program (MBA & Global MBA), a Master of Science Program in Finance, Accounting and Management (MS), an Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA), and a Ph.D. Program.

It is the first management school in Taiwan without traditional departments. In 2011-2012, it was recognized with double accreditation from both the AACSB International and ACCSB Chinese Management School, becoming one of the top 5% of elite business schools globally.

Embrace your passion, the future is in your hands

The process of finding one's direction may be difficult, but it is incredibly important. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the College of Management at YZU serves as your guide on your life journey, helping you explore, learn, and find your career path, while also preparing you to overcome future challenges.

As the first non-departmentalized college in Taiwan, the College of Management at YZU allows you to fully explore and discover yourself within the resources of the entire college. Teaching quality is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), an international business school accreditation organization. Additionally, the college offers mentorship programs and a career office to assist students with career planning, so that they can pursue their careers fearlessly and confidently.

In a Bachelor of Business Administration program, what will I learn?

The main fields of study in the Bachelor of Business Administration program are Business Administration, International Business, Finance, and Accounting. These are complemented by eight professional concentrations: Business Management, Leadership and Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Investments and Corporate Finance, Investments and Risk Management, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Accounting Professional. Students can easily choose according to their interests.

In what ways will the Bachelor of Business Administration program prepare you for a career in business?

Bachelor of Business Administration graduates have a wide range of career opportunities. These include fields such as business management, human resources, marketing, planning, consulting, finance and investment, risk management, and accounting. YZU also collaborates with related group companies, and after graduation, students can directly enter the workforce in these companies. Currently, there are opportunities available in the Far Eastern Group, the Big Four accounting firms, and financial institutions such as banks and securities firms. In addition, there are opportunities in well-known domestic and international enterprises in Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries.

How is YZU's Bachelor of Business Administration different from other universities?

The College of Management at Yuan Ze University fosters a culture of freedom and open-mindedness, where each student can delay their specialization until their second year and explore different major programs until their fourth year, allowing them ample opportunity to discover their true passion. The college is accredited by the AACSB and ranks among the top 5% of business schools worldwide. Its curriculum covers hot topics such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud computing. It also covers cutting-edge developments in innovation and entrepreneurship, cross-border e-commerce, digital marketing, financial technology, regulatory compliance, and computer auditing. Career counseling and mentoring programs at the college help students prepare for their future careers and ensure a seamless transition into the workforce after graduation.


The first management school in Taiwan to adopt the "college-wide" approach, with a dual emphasis on professional courses and language abilities, and a focus on theoretical learning and practical training.

Following the structure of management schools in foreign countries, the program breaks down barriers between departments by recruiting students under the umbrella of a "college". The program integrates the four original departments of the undergraduate program (Business Administration, Finance and Banking, International Business, and Accounting) into the Bachelor of Business Administration (including the English Bachelor of Business Administration), which is the only program in Taiwan to substitute "major" for "department".

4 Majors + 8 Concentrations

The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers four majors of study: Business Administration, International Business, Finance, and Accounting. Students can choose one of these fields as their major, and select one of the eight professional concentrations according to their interests and career goals. The innovative curriculum design emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and provides students with broad knowledge and skills.

Students can delay their choice of major until their second year, and have the freedom to switch majors until their fourth year, allowing them to explore and develop their career interests and potential. The program aims to equip students with a diverse and adaptable skill set to succeed in the rapidly changing global business environment.

The eight professional concentrations are:

Business Management
To create a complete modern business operation and technology innovation mindset and capability, focusing on digitization, intelligentization, and management of technology and innovation, effectively connecting career planning with enterprise operations.

Leadership and Human Resources
Develop talents with new-era leadership qualities and strategic leadership thinking. Related courses include motivation and leadership, human resource management, psychological testing, training and development, and international human resource management. In addition to developing professional management skills, the leadership and human resources program also plans a series of dynamic learning courses such as interpersonal communication, stress management, social etiquette, and team building to help students achieve self-improvement and growth.

We offer courses in brand management and community building, global cross-cultural marketing, digital marketing communication and application, AI/big data analysis and marketing research, and more.

International Business
We aim to cultivate international business and management talents with a global mindset and a forward-looking perspective. Our curriculum includes courses on international business decision-making, global industry analysis, international finance, market competition analysis, and cross-border innovation. We strive to connect students with practical applications through case studies, current events analysis, data analysis, and simulations.

Investments and Corporate Finance
Our program offers courses in corporate financial analysis, derivative financial products, international financial management, and practical aspects of corporate valuation and mergers and acquisitions. Our students will learn how to evaluate investment opportunities, make financing decisions, and manage financial resources effectively. We emphasize practical teaching through case studies and provide connections to rapidly changing financial environments and industry practices.

Investment and Risk Management
Offers courses on personal finance, international finance, financial data analysis methods, investment portfolio, and security analysis, etc. The program aims to enable students to 1) learn various financial instruments and operational tools, understand the structure and characteristics of different financial markets; 2) use various quantitative methods to analyze potential investment opportunities and control financial risks; and 3) strengthen the link between financial theory and industry knowledge.

This program combines knowledge and techniques from three fields (information technology, statistics, and financial management). In addition to financial management expertise, it provides knowledge and practical applications of financial technology, including Python programming, big data analysis (data mining), artificial intelligence (algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning), blockchain, financial technology innovation, and financial technology entrepreneurship.

Accounting Professional
This program aims to cultivate professional accounting skills and audit report capabilities and to become a professional accounting talent proficient in internal control and tax planning. Additionally, we offer courses in financial statement analysis, auditing, and managerial accounting for decision-making.


Language of Instruction

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is taught in Chinese.

Please refer to the English Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) if you wish to study in English.

Business Management 

  • Corporate Management: Executive Assistance, Project Management, Business Planning, Production Management, Industry Analysis
  • Technological Innovation: Product/Project Management, Innovative Product Planning and Development/Marketing, Technology Market Research Analysis, Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Human Resources

  • Local/Foreign Enterprises: Project Management, HR Officer, Education and Training Instructor, Reserve Cadre, Operation Officer 
  • HR Management: HR Consultant, Employment Matching, Salary Designer, Career Planner, Employment Market Analyst, HR Researcher, Data Analyst


  • Digital Marketing: Big Data Analysis, Social Media Marketing Marketing Planning: Market Research and Development, Brand Management 
  • Product Management: Product Development, Project Management Media Advertising: Advertising Optimization, Advertising Copywriting

International Business

  • Professional fields include International Marketing, Operations Planning, Global Industry Analysis, Cross-Border Business Strategies, International Financial Management, and Cross-Cultural Organizational Management. 
  • Serve as a consultant, product manager, and project manager.

Investment and Corporate Finance

  • Related finance and accounting departments such as corporate investment, financing decision-making, fund management, or equity management
  • Financial investment industries such as banking, securities, futures, investment trusts, investment consulting, venture capital, insurance, etc.

Investment and Risk Management

  • Financial investment industries such as banking, securities, futures, investment trusts, investment consulting, venture capital, insurance, etc. 
  • Securities analysis, industry analysis, investment portfolio management, derivative financial product operation, risk management, insurance product design and marketing, foreign exchange management, and hedging.


  • Professionals working in various financial holdings, banks, insurance, securities, investment trusts, investment consultants, and financial technology startups.
  • Personnel who analyze or apply big data and artificial intelligence outside of the financial industry, such as digital marketing professionals.
  • Digital financial APP product design, digital financial platform operators, website/mobile service planning, big data/algorithm analysis, community integration, digital marketing, blockchain, identity authentication, legal compliance, risk management, electronic payments, digital financial APP product planning, and more.


  • Accounting firms ─ auditing, tax consulting, and management consulting. 
  • Government departments ─ Licensed as public servants in accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, judicial affairs, and investigation bureaus through national examinations. 
  • Private enterprises ─ Employed in accounting, internal audit, computer audit, finance, and management-related work.
  • Financial-related industries ─ securities exchanges, over-the-counter trading centers, financial institutions, management consulting companies, underwriters, etc.

Department Website:

Department Office: Building 6, 4th Floor, Room 60404

Department Telephone:+886-3-4638800 #6081~6084