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Graduates are Employed by Top 1,000 Companies

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Graduates Employed Within 6 Months

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Graduates Earn Between US$1300-2000 per Month
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Feature Highlights

It has been Yuan Ze University's mission to promote innovative higher education with distinctive characteristics since its establishment, receiving recognition from many different sectors for its efforts. To cultivate digitally versatile talent in line with the trends of the day, the university launched the "New Bilingualism" initiative in August 2017, offering mandatory programming language courses and English-taught bachelor's programs in each of its colleges. The university has further established the "International Academy" in order to integrate International Bachelor's Programs from various colleges, systematically nurturing interdisciplinary international talent. Additionally, the university established the "Enterprise Academy" to provide customized corporate programs for individual companies, as well as industry-specific programs to nurture talents with common industry skills, thereby promoting collaborative efforts between academia and industry in cultivating sustainable talent.


Bridging the Gap, Embracing the World!

Establish an international bilingual university with bilingual teaching programs.

Transcending Borders, Inspiring Excellence!

Over 100 international institutions offer various exchange programs in about 30 countries through the Cooperation and Exchange network.

Overseas Internships, Careers United!

International internships provide students with a deeper understanding of global business development and environment.

Unleashing Potential through Unique Teaching, Maker Courses!

The use of small-scale projects, digital tools, open-source software, and hardware allows students to develop their practical design skills and train for future entrepreneurship.

Delayed Streamlining, Tailored Learning Excellence!

Students can change their majors and courses as they progress from sophomore to senior year, allowing them to discover their career aptitude and to develop competitive skills.

Cross-Domain Learning, Multidimensional Expertise!

Develop new bilingual talent in "Basic Programming Language" and "English," and enhance employment competitiveness.

Corporate-Established Education, Seamless Path to Employment!

Since the school is affiliated with the Far Eastern Group, students receive training for industrial-university internships and are able to work directly for the organization upon graduation.