YZU 1st International Golden Brain Competition

Are you familiar with the customs and cultures of other countries? A Golden Brain Competition for International Students was held on March 16 by the Global Affairs Office (GAO) of YZU.

This competition covers life and cultural knowledge from a variety of countries and related topics from Yuan Ze University. The competition promotes cultural exchanges and friendships among international and local students, as well as testing students' understanding of other countries' cultures.

A total of 18 teams and 54 students are participating in this competition. In the preliminary round, each participant must discuss and answer the question as quickly as possible in order to receive the highest score using Kahoot. During the competition process, the ranking change will be displayed immediately once an answer is completed, increasing the student's enthusiasm during the competition process.

YZU 1st International Golden Brain Contest competition

Following that, the eight teams that made it through the preliminaries imitated the popular Taiwan TV variety show "Jumping Tempo" to answer yes and no questions. The three teams that survived the rematch entered the final after a short break. With a near-perfect performance, the Tai-ban team won the championship!

Chen, the captain of the team, said that her team only participated in the competition with a playful attitude, but they didn't expect to win the championship! This activity is very interesting. It allows students to understand the customs and customs of different countries while also testing their tacit understanding.

Tai-ban won the championship with a near-perfect performance