Story of Marekka from The Phillipines-Meet New Friends

Before coming here to Taiwan, you will think that you will be alone here because you are far from your family, friends, and the people you used to be with.

But no, you won't feel alone because you will meet people here that you will become friends with. People will help you when you need someone, and they won't leave you. You will have another family away from your home.

In the past few months since we arrived here in Taiwan, we have found some time to explore Taiwan after our hectic schedules. We've been to some places like Shifen, and Pingxi Sky Lantern, and explored Taichung. We also celebrated Christmas and welcomed the new year together. Make time to unwind occasionally from a stressful week or months of studying.

A story from Marekka from the Philippines, a student in the International Program in Informatics for Bachelor.