AY112 YZU Students Video Contest Competition 「你,好臺灣」 元智大學影片拍攝競賽

Academic Year 112 Students Video Contest Competition Proposal

Goal: This video project aims to provide a unique and authentic perspective on Taiwan through the eyes of students who have lived here. Show how students interpret Taiwan and what this dynamic place represents in their changing understandings. In their creativity, students discover Taiwan's multifaceted culture, society, and natural beauty. As a film project, this project offers more than just a traditional overview of Taiwan; it offers an opportunity to explore this place through the eyes of those who live, study, and are immersed in its rich culture.


The topic of the video: Hello! Ni Hao, Taiwan (你,好台灣)

Organizer: Global Affairs Office

Eligibility/Entry regulations:

➢ All YZU students

➢ Single-person entry.

➢ Team entry: Select one team leader to fill out the form, upload the video, and coordinate with GAO.

Video regulations:

➢ Video duration should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length.

➢ Filmed using Hand-phones or professional equipment with 1920*1080P HD or above resolution

➢ Video Ratio 16:9

➢ Format: output as H.264MP4

➢ Smooth script, basic special effects, clean and clear conversation or dubbing in English, subtitle .srt file in English, royalty-free music

➢ The video should include the GAO & YZU PNG logo. Link

➢ The title video is as follows: "Name of team + Title of Video + Student ID number without “s” + 112 AY Students Video Contest Competition"


Top 1 Video NT$10,000
Top 2 Video NT$8,000
Top 3 Video NT$5,000
Best Popular Choice Award NT$1,000


For more information please refer to the Guideline