Mainland China Partner School Xingyi Normal University for Nationalities Summer Camp

  1. Event Dates: July 7th to July 13th, 2024 (including arrival and departure days, total of seven days).
  2. Event Location: Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China.
  3. Event Content: Participants will visit and experience the cultures of ethnic minorities such as the Buyei and Miao, explore the unique karst landforms and ancient biological fossils, learn about the history and humanistic characteristics of Qiannan Prefecture, understand the development of tourism, modern agriculture, and business in Qiannan Prefecture, and engage in exchange activities with local university students, among other activities.
  4. Number of Participants: 20.
  5. Cost: Participants are only responsible for their airfare, personal travel expenses in the local area, and insurance. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the sister school.
  6. Eligibility: Open to Taiwanese students only (please note the schedule for obtaining Taiwan Compatriot Travel Documents).

For more detailed information and the itinerary, please refer to:

If students are interested, please contact Miss Ariel at the Global Affairs Office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..