The Department of Electrical Engineering collaborates with the University of Louisiana under the direction of Prof. Shi-Hao Fang

Prof. Hsiao-Chun Wu of the University of Louisiana was specially invited by Prof. Shi-Hao Fang of YZU to give three speeches this year for the students of YZU.

His speech not only explained how digital signals are applied and what prospects exist in the field, but he also shared his many years of experience in the United States as a means of broadening the horizons of Yuanzhi students who wish to study abroad. Originally shy students actively asked questions because of the teacher's humorous and easygoing speech atmosphere. In answering the student's questions, the teacher would first encourage them and then explain in easy-to-understand terms, so that the students would be able to feel the teacher's personal charm and yearn for the speech.

The first speech is for students who are taking the Practical course in Digital Signal Processing. Through Prof. Wu's speech, the students gained a deeper understanding of the value of digital signals. A number of fields, including computer science, artificial intelligence, and others, are closely related to digital image processing. The traditional one-dimensional signal processing methods and concepts can still be directly applied to image processing, and Prof. Wu also discussed some of the methods of digital image processing, like noise reduction, quantization, and modulation.