Testimonial of Njabulo Shongwe (NJ) from Eswatini

Studying at YZU has not neem easy. I was faced with the difficult task of maintaining the first position in my department because I would lose my scholarship if I did not. 

I had to maintain first or second position because the number of students in my department continuously decreased, so the top 20% is just positioned as 1 and 2. 

However, I met many wonderful people and made many friends at YZU. I had support from GAO and other professors who made my YZU journey much easier than it would have been. I got exposed to a lot of research because my advisor wanted me to push myself to be a better individual and publish many papers. 

I enjoyed many activities offered by the lovely GAO office and the USR office. Apart from just my studies, I got to understand different cultures, appreciate them, and value them. I can safely say that I can now listen to different opinions without being judgemental or even quickly jumping to conclusions. 

YZU has not just been a school, but it felt like home. There is so much I could share, but then it's a story for another day, perhaps after I graduate next year.

Njabulo Shongwe

Undergraduate Student

International Program in Informatics for Bachelor

Yuan Ze University