2024 International Cultural Festival and India's Colorful Holi Festival

Yuan Ze University kicked off its 35th-anniversary celebrations with a vibrant extravaganza on campus: the "2024 International Cultural Festival and India's Colorful Holi Festival." With nearly a hundred participants from diverse nationalities, the event turned into a kaleidoscope of joy as attendees gleefully splashed each other with the vibrant hues of Indian color powders, offering international students, local students, and the public a taste of the joy and blessings of India's traditional festivals.

In his opening remarks, the Vice President of Yuan Ze University emphasized the university's commitment to internationalization and multicultural exchange. Around 10% of the student body is composed of international students from nearly 60 countries. Their presence enriches the campus with diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. The various cultural festivals held annually on campus aim to provide students from different cultural backgrounds with opportunities to showcase their heritage.


Razat, a student from India, expressed his warmth and excitement at seeing his homeland's festival celebrated with such enthusiasm in a foreign land like Yuan Ze University.


The atmosphere at the event was jubilant. In addition to the color-splashing activities, there were Indian cuisine stalls, Henna painting, traditional hair braiding, and Chinese cultural experience booths. Participants could savor traditional Indian delicacies, admire beautiful Henna designs, and enjoy lively Indian song and dance performances on stage. The celebration truly embodied the joy of Indian festivals, with students from various countries reveling in the experience. This cultural event fostered greater international exchange and shared the joy of festivals. On the occasion of Yuan Ze's 35th anniversary, this international cultural extravaganza injected more joy and vibrancy into campus life, making it brim with the vitality of multiculturalism.