Testimonial from YZU Alumni- Yuma Fukunaga-Japan

My name is Yuma, and I am in the 2018th grade in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages. 

In my four years at college, I have met a variety of people, not only classmates from my department but also friends from other countries. College was a wonderful experience for me, and I will always cherish the memories I made there. The auntie in the restaurant near the school, the younger siblings, the seniors who have graduated, and the classmates. Despite being in different places, we are still interested in meeting in the future. It is my wish for you to have a very smooth and enjoyable experience at Yuan Ze University just as it was for me.

Yuma Fukunaga

Digital Marketing Specialist

Pinkoi JP

Undergraduate Student (Alumni)

Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics

Yuan Ze University