Story of Lynn Marie from Germany

Hello! I am Lynn Marie a double degree exchange student from Germany. Aside from getting to know very friendly students from Taiwan as well as from all over the world and enjoying the local food,


one of my highlights was visiting Jiufen. I saw pictures of the old street before and a lot of people recommended it. So when a local student suggested going there together, I was very excited and thankful. It is actually about two hours by train and bus away from Neili. But in my opinion, it is definitely worth the travel. The narrow busy streets with old houses and different kinds of stands are truly fascinating. I especially loved the beautiful red lanterns, that could be seen everywhere. After strolling around and taking lots of pictures we went to have taro balls, a traditional Taiwanese dessert. From that place, we had an amazing view of green hills and the sea. That was my first time trying taro balls, they were very delicious and with the ice a perfect snack on a sunny day.

I have only been in Taiwan for a few months now, but so far I am very grateful to be here and enjoyed my time a lot. I am already looking forward to making more great memories here.