Story of Razat from India-Travelling around the Island

It was in my first semester in one of the Chinese chatting sessions in YZU that I was introduced to the concept of Travelling Around the Island (Huándǎo).

Ever since that particular day, I wanted to pursue this experience for myself and travel around Taiwan on my motorcycle. Thanks to the constant support and motivation from someone special whom I met in that session. I finally completed my long-awaited round about the Island during last winter vacation and it was an adventure worth cherishing. Twelve days of constant traveling to different parts of Taiwan has shown me the uniqueness and warmth of this country. Whether it was eating a simple rice and pork meal at a small restaurant at 1320m or seafood right next to the beach or the free lunch at one of the monasteries, each Taiwanese cuisine has its own flavors to savor. And not to forget the people of Taiwan, friends made along the way, to random strangers helping me out when my motorcycle broke down, the friendliness and the helpfulness of Taiwanese will forever enrich my Huándǎo experience. Indeed, it truly lives up to its name “Formosa”, what the Dutch used to call “the beautiful island”.

Razat Kharga, Department of Computer Science and Engineering