Story of Razat from India-Scooter Road Trip Around Taiwan

‘Traveling makes you a storyteller’ Completing the central Taiwan circuit during the Chinese New Year vacation

I can proudly say that I’ve visited all the counties in Taiwan. This time, I and my Dora started our journey from Neili to Taichung on day 1. I stayed in Taichung for two nights, before heading to explore the beautiful and scenic view of Sun Moon lake. Spending my time exploring the night market and enjoying my dinner while listening to some good street music beside the lakeside was the highlight of this place.
The next day, before heading up to the central mountains, I made a short pit stop at the geographical center of Taiwan in Nantou. I wanted to visit these mountains as I was missing my hometown, Darjeeling. I stayed one night at Renai township, wherein I visited the famous Qingjing farm. Another highlight was the traditional hotpot at XiaoRou’s place (the name of the owner). He prepared the ingredients all from scratch, and let me tell you guys, hands down, "one of my best Hotpot meals in Taiwan".
Further on, I made a daring decision to travel 250km, almost 9 hours of journey back home. I crossed the highest motorable mountain top at Mt. Hehuanshan. On the way down, I witnessed the Atayal tribe settlements before making another short pit stop at Wuling farm. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was truly a breathtaking experience. Fortunately, the weather gods were in my favor, as I made my way back home after 5 days trip which I will cherish forever.

Razat-Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science and part-time lecturer at EBSC.