Testimonial of Vyas Kaushik from SASTRA University

Being an Indian and spoiled by Bollywood, I have always dreamed of studying at a prestigious and happening university where there is no end to fun and joy.

For me, YZU is no less than Hogwarts. There is always life in this school, from the buzzing canteens to the people performing tirelessly near the activity centers, from the silent yet filled library hallway to the open track filled with students and teachers.

It's been almost three months since I arrived at YZU. I attended workshops, and learning about Taiwanese culture and language is always a bonus. GAO has always been at the center of all these activities, motivating and helping international students have a smooth and fun-filled life at YZU.

As a stepping stone toward my future endeavors, choosing YZU was the best decision.

Vyas Kaushik

Master Student

(Exchange Student from SASTRA University)

Yuan Ze University