2022 International Christmas Party

Tinkerbell, here comes the warmest month of the year! The most anticipated event of GAO in December is the Christmas Party!

There is always meticulous attention to detail put into planning these events, and this year is no different, too! During the event, in addition to providing Halal food for all foreign students, the Global Affairs Office prepared small gifts for everyone. As opposed to previous years, this year's event includes a photo booth so that everyone can take beautiful solo or group photos. Also, there are interspersed lucky draws, balls, kings and queens votes, and random dancing during the event, etc., so that everyone's laughter is filled with the Christmas spirit. We hope that through this Christmas Ball, we will not only be able to celebrate Christmas together but also be able to meet everyone and spread the joy of Christmas. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, and we look forward to seeing you next Christmas.