Testimonial of Marvela Victorya Rampengan from Indonesia

Taiwan is the first country where I had to live for a long time without my family nearby. Initially, like many students coming to a new environment,

I too had a culture shock as many things were overwhelming to me. Nonetheless, choosing to study at YZU was one of my best decision not only to get my Master’s degree but over the past two years or so, I gained a lot of experience, and new friends both local and international. I learned a lot about their culture through various cultural events which boosted my morale and gave me lots of confidence.

Living in Taiwan without mandarin language skills is quite tough in the beginning, but the environment and people around you are so friendly that it makes things easy. I was fortunate enough to have such wonderful lab mates. library, store, and also all the people in here. Everyone was really helpful, at the campus, library, canteen, or anywhere whenever I needed help they would always help me even if they are occupied with something

Marvela Victorya Rampengan

batch of 2021, Masters in Computer Science and engineering