Story of Elvaretta from Indonesia-Jiufen Trip

Last Saturday, I joined GAO's weekly cross-cultural trip to explore Jiufen in New Taipei City.

We first visited Jiu Fen Old Street where I tried some famous local delicacies such as Fish Balls and Peanut Ice Cream. The second part of the trip was a hike to a temple where people used to pray for gold. Even though the hike was a bit tiring but the view atop was really beautiful and worth it.

During this trip, we got to explore the history and culture of Jiu Fen as we visited the Golden Museum where we learned about the gold mines and various tools used by the diggers. Unfortunately, at the end of the trip, it was raining heavily, but it was fun and the trip was very memorable.

I recommend everyone to join these weekend trips organized by GAO to explore Taiwan and also to get an opportunity to make new friends!

Elvaretta Aurellie, EBBA