A delegation from the Malaysian Education and Cultural Association visits YZU

Beh Chew Nam, President of the Malaysian Education and Cultural Association, led more than 30 principals to visit YZU and was greeted by Ching-Jong Liao, President of Yuan Ze University, Yun-Chia Liang, Chief of Global Affairs Office, and Chih-Yang Lin, Dean of International Academy.


Principals of the Malaysian Educational and Cultural Association at Yuan Ze University.

Despite the epidemic, over 12,500 Malaysian students still studied in Taiwan in 2022, according to the Ministry of Education. Malaysian students have become one of the top recruits for Taiwan's colleges and universities.

Liang Yunjia said Yuan Ze University enrolled over 600 foreign students in the 2022 academic year, from more than 40 countries. Malaysian students comprise the seventh largest group.

As Yuan Zhi recruited students mostly from independent middle schools in the past, however, the majority of the delegation are principals and inspectors from national-type middle schools. Hence, YZU hopes to extend its services to more national middle schools in Malaysia.

Lee-Ching Li, the principal of SMJK SIN MIN, spoke on behalf of the visiting delegation, praising Yuan Ze University's excellence, pragmatism, and commitment to cultivating talents with both skills and morals.

As Ching-Jong Liao explained, YZU, while originally a college of engineering, has excelled in the field of management and the humanities and social sciences. It is a comprehensive university and will continue to connect with the world in the near future.

Dept. of Art and Design Professor Chu-qingLin (right) presents the results of the digital application course and the results of the research project.

The delegation visited several special classrooms, such as the library, the beer laboratory, and the non-reflection laboratory, after the comprehensive exchange.

Upon visiting the beer laboratory, the principal inspectors all reaffirmed YZU's creativity, and they were also deeply impressed by the vibrant teaching at Taiwanese universities; when they visited the business intelligence laboratory, they were particularly impressed by the demanding, practical, forward-looking, and training for future employment, which complements YZU's education for the future workforce.

They were further amazed by the students from the Department of Art and Design, as the students also excel in information programming. The delegation looks forward to getting the opportunity to collaborate with YZU, such as organising a camp for Malaysian high school students here at YZU in the future.

YZU's beer laboratory was visited by principal inspectors and they were all impressed by its creativity.

Yun-Chia Liang said that Malaysian students are welcome to study at Yuan Ze University and create a better future together with high-quality teaching services and job connections.