Testimonial of Michele Custovic from the University of Southern Denmark

I chose YZU because I wanted a diverse cultural experience but, at the same time, an English-based program (I don't speak Chinese :( haha)

I love to explore, meet new people and experience the biggest culture shocks. In my opinion, we learn a great deal from interacting with people of different cultures and nationalities.

I think this is the perfect opportunity for me at YZU, and I can say I met many lovely people in Taiwan and at YZU. When I am not occupied with my studies, I try to travel as much as I can and hang out with my various friends. Together we have explored many places in Taiwan, making it even more fun to share the experience with my friends. If you are considering going abroad, you should go ahead as it is a one-time life experience. And you gain so many experiences, learnings, and friendships across the world.

Don't be afraid to jump out into it, and you will figure everything out.


Michele Custovic

Master Student

Global Master of Business Administration Program

(Exchange Student from the University of Southern Denmark)

Yuan Ze University