Testimonial from YZU Alumni- Marvela Rampengan-Indonesia

Hi, I'm Vela from Indonesia. Right now, I already become YZU alumni and feel grateful for being able to stay there.

For me, YZU can be described as:
Family - Staying far from my own country before, was such an exciting and sad experience for me. Having friends and GAO there not only helped me to feel like staying at home, but strengthen my connection, too.
Friendly - every single difficulty which I faced during my stay are solved faster because of the people who really helpful.
Full of experiences - every single thing which I obtained during my study, really help me to do every single task at my job.

Not only I learned a lot of things, but I got the chance to explore more with YZU during my stay in Taiwan.

Marvela Rampengan
Project Manager, PT. Vfirst Komunikasi, Indonesia
Graduate Student (Alumni)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Yuan Ze University