International Students' United Football Tournament: Spreading the Passion for Football on Campus

On June 11th, Yuan Ze University organized a friendly football match between international students and external teams, attracting nearly a hundred participants. Football, being one of the most popular sports worldwide, brings together students from different countries. However, it also showcases football's charm to the Taiwanese community through such sporting events.

Initiated by international students of Yuan Ze University, this sporting event gathered friends from all over the world on the football field. Additionally, students from Vietnam and Taiwan from other universities participated in friendly matches with Yuan Ze University. Despite heavy rain during the tournament, everyone's enthusiasm remained undiminished.

A total of four teams competed in the tournament. Two teams compete against each other in the morning, and the winning teams advance to the final match. Through the matches, Yuan Ze students demonstrated their passion for football by exchanging skills and techniques. Continuing the fervor of the World Cup, it is hoped that more Taiwanese individuals will join football teams in the future. This will foster closer connections among students while promoting university internationalization.

Group photo of all participated teams

In recent months, the number of international students who have joined the Yuan Ze family has increased. Coming from different corners of the world, everyone hopes to engage in diverse activities beyond the classroom and engage in cultural exchanges. This provides Taiwanese individuals with more opportunities to interact with foreign cultures. Through such mutual interactions, not only will the campus atmosphere be enriched with multiculturalism, but it will also allow foreign students in distant lands to make more friends.

Football has always been a popular sport worldwide, and through this opportunity, the sporting atmosphere enriches campus life. Congratulations to our university football team for winning the championship in this match, bringing honor to our school.

Candid photo of players