Testimonial from YZU Alumni- Michelle Huwae-Indonesia

Hi, I'm Michelle, YZU alumni from Indonesia before I got the chance to finish my master's in the Department of Information Management.

Through those 2 years for me, YZU are innovative, multicultural, and a place to gain your achievement. Why?
I experienced it by myself, not only does the campus have the best accreditation and infrastructure but all the lecturers are the best in their own fields. By having that kind of advantage, I was able to push myself to do better and tried to be more innovative.
The environment here at YZU was really enjoyable since YZU is a bilingual university. I got the chance to experience a lot of cultural diversity and made a lot of connections.
Coming to YZU was the best decision in my life!

Michelle Huwae
Project Management, QUANTA Computer, Taiwan
Graduate Student (Alumni)
Department of Information Management
Yuan Ze University