Testimonial of Yuka from Japan

Hi, I’m Yuka from Japan. I just came to Taiwan this September. I would like to share the attractive point of YZU that I felt after spending half a year there.

When I first came to Taiwan, I was anxious about life in a foreign country. At that time, GAO provided me with generous support. They helped me not only with various procedures but also with shopping for daily necessities. The professors and Taiwanese students are also very kind, and thanks to them, I’m able to enjoy a fulfilling study abroad experience.

YZU has many activities during the year.
In particular, the events for foreigners organized by GAO give me the opportunity to meet people from other countries in different classes and departments.
It’s very stimulating for me to be able to study in an international environment, and it motivates me to learn languages.

『Make progress 』
YZU gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves. They support not only learning and language skills, but also what each individual wants to do.

Yuka Furuso
Undergraduate Student
International Program in Electrical and Communication Engineering for Bachelor
Yuan Ze University