Taiwan's higher education and advanced industries are presented to Indonesian students by YZU

A scholarship program established by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture, Education, and Research provided scholarships to students of technical and vocational schools and selected 46 world-renowned universities as partners. YZU is one of the top ten universities in Taiwan and provides courses that have industry-university links of the highest quality.

YZU welcomed 12 Indonesian IISMA exchange students to campus on October 5. Students dressed in traditional Indonesian batik cloth brought a touch of South-East Asian style to campus.

YZU welcomes IISMA scholarship students from Indonesia

A mobile scholarship program offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Science of Indonesia aims to improve college students' cross-field, cross-cultural, and employment knowledge. YZU has a rich background in industrial chains and has proposed industry-university programs. It has been selected by the Indonesian government as a partner of 46 worldwide, ranking alongside schools in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia.

There were 12 students from 9 different Indonesian universities participating in the YZU International Bachelor Program of Management, Informatics, and Engineering. In order for students to experience the diversity of Taiwan's industries through on-site visits, YZU organized visits to TSMC, Far East R&D Center, MoBagel, Science Park Exploration Hall, O'right, Health Life Optics Tech, and G-Tech within one semester.

IISMA scholarship awardee from Indonesia in front of YZU Building 7

As 10 of the 12 students are Muslims, YZU Saha Cuisine Kitchen Restaurant served Halal food at the welcome meeting. Muslim prayer rooms are available in the male and female dormitories and the global social hall for students who wish to pray. The students also created an IISMA-YZU account on Instagram to keep their study diaries.

According to them, studying abroad is like turning over a new page in the book of life, and their Taiwan story is a new chapter where they record their dreams, determination, hard work, and tears. It is an immense honor for them to represent the first YZU class of IISMA

IISMA-YZU account on Instagram to keep their study diaries

According to Chief of Global Affairs Prof. Yun-Chia Liang, Indonesia is a country with significant potential, as shown by the careful planning of the IISMA project and the integration of industry and education. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the Department of State and Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Education and to Mr Ou, Head of the Economic and Trade Representative Office in Indonesia for their assistance in facilitating the smooth arrival of students to Taiwan.