Testimonial from IISMAVO awardee-Muhammad Abizard

Being selected as an awardee of the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards for Vocational Students (IISMAVO) at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Through this experience, I was able to improve my communication skills, social skills, and of course my educational skills. Student exchange here in Taiwan has exceeded my expectation.

The facilities at YZU have helped us a lot in developing ourselves, despite the short time we spend here. Taiwan's culture and atmosphere are quite enjoyable and have created many memorable moments for us.

So far, I've been having the most enjoyable time of my life and I'm pretty sure you won't regret studying in Taiwan. Do not waste your time! Fulfill your life with the best moments at Yuan Ze University Taiwan.

Muhammad Abizard

Undergraduate Student

IISMAVO Awardee-B Schemes

Yuan Ze University