[Activity-Only for International Students and Faculty Members] Mid-Autumn Festival-Moon Cake Giveaway

We are pleased to announce a special event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. As a gesture of blessing and care for our international students and foreign teachers

, we have prepared Mid-Autumn gift bags that contain classic Taiwanese delicacies: yolk pastries, Mung Bean Pastry, and a pomelo, allowing you to savour the unique flavours of the Taiwanese Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional and important festivals in Chinese culture, symbolizing reunion and longing. On this special day, people gather with their families and friends to admire the moon, enjoy delicious food, share blessings and care for each other.

We have carefully selected (Vegetarian) Yolk pastry and (Vegetarian) Mung Bean Pastry, which represent the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan and showcase Taiwan's unique culture and flavours. The Yolk Pastry features a crispy pastry filled with rich red bean paste and whole egg yolk, offering a crisp, sweet, and delicious taste. The Mung Bean Pastry, made with mung bean paste and layered pastry, has a dense and refreshing taste. These delicacies will bring you a taste of Taiwan and allow you to have a deeper understanding and experience of Taiwan's uniqueness. 

Here are the event details:

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Time: From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, or until supplies last

Location: Room 70207, Global Affairs Office - Meeting Room

Each international student or faculty member is limited to receiving one gift bag. When collecting, please provide your student ID number and signature. If you need to collect on behalf of an international student friend, please present a photo of their student ID card. A maximum of 2 gift bags can be collected on behalf of others.

In addition, completing one of the following options (choose 3 out of 1) will entitle you to receive an exclusive postcard from Yuan Ze University. The style will be randomly selected and cannot be chosen:

1. Search "gao yzu" on Google Maps and give us a 5-star rating.

2. Share a photo on IG Story, tagging our account (@yzugao).

3. Share a photo on Facebook, tagging us (YZU Global Affairs Office).

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to meeting you at the event to celebrate an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival with YZU Family, your home away from home!

Yuan Ze University Global Affairs Office

Contact Person: Aegean Pua (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) #3283