2022 International Student Welcoming Party

 The welcome party, co-organized by the Global Affairs Office and Global Students Association, was successfully held on October 29, with nearly 200 students participating in the event,

during which everyone regardless of nationality was randomly assigned to each table, and barbecues and games were played on a table-by-table basis so that participants could get to know each other. What is different from the past is that many Taiwanese students have joined, enhancing the diversification of the Yuan Ze International family. People socialize during the barbecue. It brings comfort to freshmen who are far from their home country.

I would also like to thank the staff of preparatory affairs and Global Students Association members for their enthusiasm for bringing this event to a successful conclusion. This event involved not only new and old students getting to know each other, but also exchange students from different departments, nationalities, and ages. Students were made to feel that Yuan Ze University welcomes them and that new students are welcome to become part of the family.

Intercultural students enjoy barbeque together
Team photo of event preparation cadres
Group photo
Students playing ice-breaking games