Class of 2022-Testimonials

"As an international student, assistance is an essential factor when we enter college. Fortunately, YZU provides great support, especially from the Office of Global Affairs.

From orientation, the portal systems applications, you name it. Since we live far from our hometown, GAO always provides memorable events to let us get to know Taiwanese culture and environment. YZU is the best school anyone could ever ask for! I can't wait to continue my master's studies at IEM. YZU."

Elvaretta Aurellie (Indonesian)

English Bachelor of Business Administration


"This week I just finished my first semester at YZU. Looking back on this semester, as an international student I was provided great support from the Global Affairs Office, as well as from every professor. Not only did this apply to course-related topics, but also to topics of everyday life. Furthermore, at YZU they also really make an effort to offer several excursions in order for internationals to learn about Taiwan's culture and to connect with new people. Overall I very much enjoyed my time so far and I'm very excited for the next semester here. Thank you YZU!"

Erik Fischer (German)

Double Degree Exchange Student in the College of Management

"YZU is the best university I ever studied in. The architecture, environment, and school system are fabulous. Easy to access all your needs. The staff I very motivational and helpful. Having a special office (GAO) for foreign students organize many events that make you feel at home and togetherness. YZU organizes many activities so you can learn and enjoy your time here. I am happy with my best university selection. "

Subham Karbhari Ahire (Indian)

Master in Mechanical Engineering

"My time in Taiwan has been a phenomenal learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. My professors are intelligent, accomplished, and compassionate. In addition to being professors at YZU, many currently have or in the past have had posts in different industries. Thus their wealth of real-world experience enables them to explore the material form perspectives well beyond the textbooks, using concrete, living examples. My classmates were just as spectacular. They have come to Taiwan from all over the world to study with me. My program also has local Taiwanese students who are some of the friendliest people that I have ever met. Life at YZU is filled with the intellectual spirit of this diverse, affable student body.

Glemarie C. Hermosa (Philipino)

Ph.D. Graduate in Chemical Engineering & Material Sciences

"I would like to thank YZU for providing me with such a pleasant environment. Since my arrival in Taiwan, the Global Affairs Office (GAO) YZU has provided excellent support, including environment and health guidance, not only for me but also for my family, allowing us to adapt quickly. Then I met many excellent professors, and I have a very convenient laboratory facility, which has greatly enhanced my research abilities. Furthermore, as a Muslim student, GAO YZU offers a pleasant prayer facility and halal food, which makes me feel more at ease throughout my four-year journey. Finally, I believe YZU is one of the best universities in the world which encourages me beyond my limits..."

Fityanul Akhyar (Indonesian)

Ph.D. Graduate in College of Electrical and Communication Engineering

(recipient of Taiwan MOE-Elite Scholarship, current lecturer at Telkom University)