Overseas and local students alike enjoyed the first collaboration between the GAO and CM EMI

In June, the Global Affairs Office collaborated for the first time with the English Medium Instruction (EMI) Office of the College of Management to organize 3 all-English cultural exchange tours in order to promote the integration of overseas and local students.

20220620-22 Three days and two nights immersion in Taitung aboriginal culture

Participants: 33


Day 1 6/20

Chishang Paradise Road * Bicycle tour on Brown Avenue & Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree / Golden Harvest Museum / Luye Recreational Tea Farm

Taking a group photo in front of Chishang Station
Taking a group photo in front of the Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree

Day2 6/21

Yingmu Level Crossing / Jinlun Beach / Millennium Dawn Memorial Park / Puyuma Tribe

Puyuma Tribe

Various cultural experiences: tribal tour/ flower dressing ceremony experience/toasting ceremony experience/bamboo cannon experience/music and dance experience (10 minutes of simple dancing steps with singing /simulation tour of the Grand Hunting Festival Arc de Triomphe

A traditional house experience - clubhouse culture

Beinan Sarcophagus. Stills. Stone Columns. Tooth Extraction Culture....

Group photo at Puyuma Tribe Cultural Park
Students participate in music and dance lessons
Visiting the sarcophagus of Beinan


Day 3 6/22

Jialulan Recreation Area/ Pixirian/ Sanxiantai/ Torik Visitor Center/ Donghe Bridge/ Jinzun Recreation Area/ Water Running Upward/ Taitung Railway Station/ Shulin Railway Station

Group photo in front of Donghe Bridge


20220625: The Lord of the Soil and the Ground "Tudigong" Cultural Experience

Participants: 26

Go-Kart Experience/Taiwan Traditional Culture Experience-Tudigong Cultural Center

 Traditional Taiwanese culture experience-Tu Di Gong Cultural Center/South Fujian Puppet Show (Wuzhou Taoxingge Palm Theater Troupe "White Horse Wind and Cloud") and Dough Figurines DIY


The students experiencing Go-Kart
Group photo taken before the Fujian Puppet Show begins
The students are delighted to experience puppetry
Students attentively listen to the English guide's full content
Photo taken at the Tu Di Gong Cultural Center
Dough Figurine DIY by student- cute Tu Di Gong


20220628: Cultural Experience at Zhongzhen New Village

Participants: 37

Lost Army Story House/Discovering the Charming Golden Triangle/Exploring Muslim Culture-Longgang Mosque/Jingpo Ethnic Dustpan Rice Feast and Singing Experience/Ethnic Costume Experience/Burma Cooking Experience-Dried Rice DIY/One-day Tour Video Review

Students wear traditional costumes
Group photo at Lost Army Story House
Lost Army Story House enables students to experience war weapons and environment
Jingpo Ethnic Dustpan Rice Feast and Singing Experience
Dried Rice DIY