Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center visits YZU to promote academic exchanges between Taiwan and Japan

In order to promote academic exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, the Taipei Study Abroad Support Center led over 100 parents and teachers from 24 Japanese high schools to visit YZU on 12/26, and 12/28. The delegation was welcomed by the Chief of Global Affairs Yun Chia Liang, Deputy Chief of Global Affairs Ting Lie, and the Director of the International Cooperation Section Dien-Giau Bui.

Nearly 60 Japanese students are in our school this semester after the Japanese Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center signed a contract with YZU in 2015. Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center in Japan has branch campuses in major cities in Japan to encourage Japanese students to study in Taiwan. They aim to cultivate outstanding Chinese, Japanese, and English talent through Taiwan's bilingual education system.

This campus tour highlights YZU's professionalism in courses and student welfare through visits to special classrooms, the Tianhe Bookstore, self-learning classrooms, libraries, and so on. During the visit, seven current students from Japan enrolled at YZU were invited to share their experiences of studying in Taiwan and living at YZU. The Japanese students are currently studying in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, the Department of Social and Policy Science, the Department of Information Management, and the School of Management.

Towards the future, YZUplans to strengthen exchanges with Japanese high schools, so that more Japanese students can come to Taiwan and experience bilingual education.