"Slashie x Youth x Entrepreneurship" Online Workshop

The Global Affairs Office of YZU held an online workshop entitled "Slashie x Youth x Entrepreneurship" during winter vacation. 

The workshop lasted one week and featured six lectures in total. A total of 140 students from mainland China and YZU participated in the event.

Among them are students from Dalian University of Technology, Henan University, Central China Normal University, Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Xingyi Normal University for Nationalities, and Quanzhou Normal University.

Several major themes are discussed throughout the event, including leadership, innovation, cohesion, and execution, which are all centered around innovation and entrepreneurship. In this course, three faculty members from the School of Management and three young entrepreneurs who are starting a business share their experiences and ideas of entrepreneurship, strengthening students' knowledge of entrepreneurship and inspiring them to achieve their future entrepreneurial dreams.

Prof. Chung-Jen Chien lectures on Psychology in Organizations

The three first professional courses were taught by Prof. Sonic Wu, Prof. Yueah-Cin Liew, and Prof. Chung-Jen Chien from the School of Management. Case analysis, entrepreneurial concepts, organizational psychology, and other professional teaching materials are provided to students to ensure they gain a thorough understanding of entrepreneurship.

In the last three lectures, Mr. Li-En Huang, Director of HS DECO, Ms. Sarah, Executive Director of Like it Formosa, and alumni Youtuber JR LEE RADIO shared their experiences. The entrepreneurs share their experiences, setbacks, and mental journeys. Students participating in the lecture are also encouraged to reflect on and anticipate their own preferences, positions, and enthusiasms.

Online sharing by alumni of JR LEE RADIO
Online sharing by Executive Director of Like it Formosa Ms. Sarah

Global AFfairs Office of YZU says there will be a great deal of job displacement in the post-epidemic era. However, people's creativity and ideas are limitless. It is hoped that by attending lectures, young people will gain a deeper understanding and a different perspective that can then help them break through the status quo. Entrepreneurship is a career path open to everyone.