Testimonial of Avani Kaushik from India

My name is Avani and I'm a bachelor's student from the EBBA department. I'm from India. I would like to share my personal experience in Yuan Ze University.  

  1. Friendly Environment-  Being a student, the most important thing for me is my surrounding which includes not just my friends but other people too. YZU provided me with the best and most comfortable environment. Classmates as well as professors treat you as a family member and help you to take the best decision. That can help you in the future.
  2. Convenient- The location of our university is very convenient as we have a railway station just nearby as well as a hospital. There are many convenient stores nearby, as well as fruit and vegetable stand stores 
  3. Best academic learning- Personally, I can notice a tremendous positive change in my academics as well as other things in my university, the priority is to offer an excellent education with discipline, and I learned a lot of new skills that will be helpful in the future.