Story of Benzen from Taiwan-Military Kindred Village Culture x Beach Cleaning

“I never expected to meet many friends from different parts of the world including Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Japan, etc. at a time, but this trip was something special”.

On Saturday morning, we started our journey from the YZU campus. Our first stop was the Zhongzhen New Village Cultural Park, where we got to learn about the Military Kindred Village culture and traditions. The main highlight was the experience to try on traditional dress. Likewise, we took a lot of also took a lot of pictures wearing the dress. The next stop was a Thai papaya salad DIY experience. We were divided into a group and each and every one of us participated to make one with our own hands. Combining various fruits and vegetables with sweet and sour flavors made the finished product look extremely delicious, and all of us were proud to make it.

We then visited the traditional local market at noon and tasted fried bananas, dried rice noodles, kimchi... etc. After finishing the local food, our soul was bound by the delicacies and we were reluctant to leave. We then took a bit of rest after having our lunch. Thereafter, we went for a small walk in the green tunnel as the weather and surrounding reminded a nostalgic feeling for some of our friends from Japan.
The last stop of our trip was the beach cleaning activity as everyone was ready to do something for the environment, all of us were excited even after doing so many activities earlier. When it comes to protecting our mother earth, no boundaries can stop unity and friendship. Our common goal and hard work left no traces of waste and garbage on the beach. This transnational activity organized by GAO will be remembered by each one of us as we look down memory lane. At the end of this trip, I made a lot of new friends and experienced culture sharing from different countries.

Although everyone comes from different countries, we are still a part of the earth. Wish that all of my friends can enjoy it.

Bensen, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management