Story of Edi Santoso from Indonesia-Life in Quarantine

My journey to Taiwan started with quarantine for 14+7 days. I stayed at Tao Garden Hotel at Taoyuan for 15 nights in total.

It costs NTD2,000  per night including 3 meals. The hotel equipment is average, but it is comfortable to live alone. The hotel gave 3 big gallons of mineral water but you can simply call the front desk if that’s not enough. The hotel keeps repeating the same menu for 2 or 3 days which makes me less appetite to eat but we are still allowed to order outside food and they will deliver to our room since we can’t go out of the room. Overall it was still a not-bad experience.

Life in Quarantine - An experience by Edi Santoso, a Master's student in Finance who come from Indonesia.