GAO Shares Rice Dumplings to International Students in conjuction with Dragon Boat Festival

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the Global Affairs Office (GAO) has prepared delicious rice dumplings to send festive blessings to international faculty members and students far from home.

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major Chinese festivals, with eating rice dumplings being the most common tradition. Food serves as a resonating medium that conveys messages effectively, and by sharing rice dumplings, we hope that international students can experience and understand this cultural practice.

Our university's international faculty members and students come from various countries, creating a diverse and friendly environment on campus. Considering the students' different dietary habits, religious beliefs, and personal preferences, the GAO not only offers traditional pork-filled rice dumplings but also provides vegetarian options, ensuring that all international faculty members and students interested in Chinese culture can enjoy the treats comfortably.

This event showcases the GAO's care and support for international faculty members and students, while also reflecting Yuan Ze University's respect for and inclusion of diverse cultures. We will continue to strive for a friendly and harmonious campus environment, ensuring that every faculty member and student feels warmth and belonging.

The international students were delighted to receive the rice dumplings gifted by GAO.