Introducing the Beautiful Central Asian Country of Kyrgyzstan through YZU International Exchange Student- Kurmanov, Nurzhigit

【Reporter Jessi】

Nurzhigit, an exchange student from Kyrgyzstan, believes that the most worthy aspect to recommend to everyone is the local scenery.

Although Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country, his descriptions portray the renowned lakes and mountains of the region. Not only does the beauty of Lake Issyk-Kul capture attention, but the grandeur of the high mountains during the melting of snow and ice is also a sight to behold. Additionally, as a nomadic people, they engage in mountain picnics and construct traditional Kyrgyz yurts during the summer, holding gatherings by creating fires outside their homes. They are also skilled in equestrian activities and annually host traditional large-scale sporting events to showcase heroes from different regions.

Beyond the breathtaking landscapes, the predominance of Muslims affects the local cuisine, making it difficult to find pork and alcoholic beverages. Staples include bread and rice, often combined with stewed beef, mutton, and horse meat. Unlike Taiwan's diverse vegetable preparations, in Kyrgyzstan, vegetables and meats are usually cooked together in a large pot, each person scooping a portion alongside rice. Due to historical influences, the country also hosts many Russian and other foreign residents, contributing to its multicultural blend.

Notably, the poet Li Bai hails from Kyrgyzstan's city of Suyab, and the local university is even named after him, an unimaginable connection. Central Asia stands apart from other regions, akin to an undiscovered haven of beauty. Nurzhigit hopes that through this interview, people can become acquainted with this beautiful country.

Nurzhigit acknowledges Taiwan as the world's second most Muslim-friendly nation, and he feels the warmth of the Taiwanese people during his time here. This sentiment is particularly evident in the courses and activities at Yuan Ze University, especially the Chinese language courses. Not only do teachers employ engaging methods to teach international students Mandarin, but the Global Affairs Office also organizes numerous cultural events, making learning lively and providing opportunities to make friends from various countries and broaden horizons. Among the university events, the International Students' Welcome Party and Christmas Party left the deepest impression on him. Regardless of nationality, participants bring enthusiasm and joy, exchanging experiences in Taiwan. This interaction brings both shared feelings and diverse perspectives, creating a vibrant tapestry of life. Nurzhigit looks forward to more students from different countries joining the Yuan Ze University family in the future.

Picture of Nurzhigit