Testimonial from YZU Alumni- Florencia-Indonesia

Hello! I'm Flo from Indonesia an alumnus of IEM YZU. Staying at YZU for a while, gave me a lot, and let me share it with you!

- Friendship: having classes where I need to do group work, study for an exam, or do research (or thesis) together with friends makes us doesn’t realize that we spend most of the time with them. We didn’t realize that those tasks connect us to each other. Thanks to the assignments and/or exams I never felt homesick ☺️.

- Sleepless: research! (The only right word to describe it) Those nightmares were me that my friend need to stay in the lab, just to finish the deadline and our thesis, not to mention some other activities which we did like, movie night, snack time, and gossiping (gibah😌). Thanks to the facilities that we had so that we could do our tasks anytime!

- Chances: finishing all requirements of the classes, at the beginning of two or three semesters made me enough time to spend time to research (this is the original plan 🤭🤭but I also got a chance to travel to some county in Taiwan, I love the nature of Taiwan!🍀)

Furthermore, thanks to YZU for giving me a chance to have my master's in Taiwan.

Graduate Student (Alumni)
Industrial Engineering and Management
Yuan Ze University