Testimonial of Le Ngoc Bao Chau (Fiona) from Vietnam

My home
To me, YZU is not only a place to gain knowledge. Everyone, especially the staff of GAO, takes care of international students

like me from my study to my daily life (exactly like my parents)✨️ They are willing to give me emotional support whenever I need it, which makes me feel like I'm not living far away from my family. 🧚‍♀️

My happiness
👉YZU inspires me every day!👈 At school, I'm considered to be an energetic person by everyone, but most of my friends don't know that my positive energy results mostly from YZU. The school atmosphere gives me the feeling that every day is beautiful and worth living, everything's gonna be okay. All I need to do is be carefree and 100% enjoy my uni life. ❤️‍🔥

Best choice ever!!!!
Honestly, before registering at YZU, I didn't search for much information about it 🥲 Initially, I came here because of the scholarship. But after 1.5 years here, YZU has proved that there are more reasons for me to have a long commitment to it. I adore all the facilities, every unexpected event during the semester, and the beloved professors, staff, and friends.🥰 More importantly, YZU and GAO give me thousands of chances to step out of my comfort zone and win over myself, which I couldn't do during my 20 years in Vietnam. That's why being a YZU-er is one of the most amazing choices for me!! 💯

Le Ngoc Bao Chau (Fiona)
Undergraduate Student
English Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA)
Yuan Ze University