Testimonial of Swan Htet Aung from Myanmar

Hey guys! I’m Swan Htet Aung from Myanmar, but you can call me Steven. I’m currently a freshman studying EBBA.

I’ve absolutely enjoyed my time here at YZU even though it may not be that long yet. If I had to use three words to show what YZU is for me, it would be Engaging, Inclusive, and Fulfilling. Why these words to describe my university?

During my short time at YZU, I attended several events hosted by the Global Affairs Office and even had the opportunity to help out in organizing some of them by joining the Global Student Association. The GAO and GSA are very active in brainstorming new ideas to engage with the students and come up with fun activities for them.

Secondly, I would say Inclusive because everyone over here, not only students but the faculties are very welcoming. When I arrived, I was shy, didn’t have any friends and I was the only one from my country, but all the people I met took me in, and I’m proud to call them my friends.

Finally, I say fulfilling because YZU provided me with endless opportunities not only in the field of academics but also gave me the chance to pursue my interests by joining clubs and organizations which brought me meaningful connections with a lot of people.

Swan Htet Aung
Undergraduate Student
English Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA)
Yuan Ze University