Testimonial of Tiana Santoso from Indonesia

Since I attended a Taiwanese high school, I must take the GSAT (General Scholastic Ability Test) to get into a university. As a foreigner, I find it difficult to write the Chinese exams for Taiwanese university entrance exams, such as the GSAT.

In the end, I joined YZU's Information Communication Design group. I am proud to attend YZU since it is one of the few universities that offers 100% scholarships. Even though my department is 99% Taiwanese students, they are all very kind and friendly! The teachers and staff are also very kind, no wonder YZU is one of the most prestigious universities in northern Taiwan.

I also joined GSA (Global Student Association) where I found out that YZU has a lot of different countries of foreigners, which is very fun and lets me know a lot of different cultures. So far, I like YZU very much. Also, GAO and GSA provide us with a lot of events that are very fun and let me know a lot of new friends!

Tiana Santoso
Undergraduate Student
Department of Information Communication
Yuan Ze University